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President Claim
Welcome from the Dean
Adhering to the business development of the concept of "specialization, diversification", in order to meet the needs of social management company for the multi type, diversified, multi-level, Minhua Enterprise Consulting Co., Ltd., in 2015 founded Minhua Enterprise Consulting Co., Ltd., is a professional institution focused on in financial investment in education and training of professional institutions.
Lasted for many years, Minhua Enterprise Consulting Co., Ltd. training hundreds of enterprises, and many funds, brokerage, agency cooperation, full realization of capital projects and docking, professional team of reserve update, professional talent oriented culture diversified transportation, high-end financial forum, information platform and other services.
Minhua Enterprise Consulting Co., Ltd. around the status quo and future development trend of China's financial market, for enterprises to provide both depth and practical teaching system, the core module covers not only the essence elements for securities investment, and the content of the course are customized design, make and enterprise's characteristics and needs highly fit. On the basis of the subject do depth exploration, more senior traders and industry experts were invited to participate in the course of teaching, participants with the opportunity and they learn from practical experience. At the same time, students will be organized by in-depth study of well-known financial institutions at home and abroad, and senior experts at home and abroad, will be the forefront of investment philosophy and practice the perfect combination. So that each student can be based on their own needs to specialize in. Through this curriculum system, cultivate both familiar with financial operation, talents and familiar with the investment channel.
Curriculum gathered large quantities of securities investment community elite talent, through to the club in the form of top domestic investors exchange platform build. Students in the learning stage and club activities, and teachers, consultants, a member of the club will become lifelong friend and expansion investment contacts, to create belongs to own investment circles.
Let us fight for the dream, let us study for the ideal!
Lai Minhua Business Consulting Co., Ltd., to be a thought of investors!
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