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As the saying goes: "ten years renovation". To meet for a decade, Minhua strategic stake in a Hong Kong professional enterprises, Minhua Enterprise Consulting Co., Ltd. was established in June 2015, into a comprehensive business accounting secretary in Hong Kong. This strategy extends the business base of the group to further consolidate the results of the business in Hongkong. More important is Shanghai, Hong Kong and deep integration is speeding up the development of and with earlier by the approval of the State Council of the sea before financial SAR has been the rapid is also strategically even Shanghai, Hong Kong and deep strategic partners a big step.
The establishment of Minhua Enterprise Consulting Co. Ltd., in the region of Asia even coincides with the global financial market is raging like a storm. China's economy is still flying in the sky, it is urgent to set in Shanghai and Hong Kong, three links, for the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and the state, to create a more natural original financial platform. Liquidity, capital, in recent years the rapid change, the future of financial prosperity, just in the country, Asia is growing up strongly. And the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta as the head coach, including Shanghai, Hong Kong, deep convection and all-round economic and trade is represent the general trend.
Hongkong as an international financial center, the introduction of talent and experience of Shanghai and Shenzhen, is an important historical moment. In Hong Kong for base "Minhua Enterprise Consulting Co., Ltd. seize the historical opportunities, will spare no effort to do the internal and external coordination, head-on, create another business" gold and silver "spirit.
Minhua Enterprise Consulting Co., Ltd. a large pool of talent, the company's business including traditional global securities consulting, quality still wealth management, asset management, financial planning and private banking business and other, the group has also introduced overseas products, to ensure that customers bring a more comprehensive gold financial products and services, given the convenience of customers for funds deployment / planning. What is more important is the group will soon open up multi-level business mergers and acquisitions, to create diversified products to facilitate mutual funds flow in Hong kong. "Minhua" in 2015 introduced various types of insurance products, investment project, including: personal wealth management, asset allocation, etc.) for customers to choose.
A message / market / business and interpersonal relationship wide team, for existing customers and future customers match the needed investment, improve returns, risk control. Today, embrace the cross time, cross market, cross product of the full range of financial industry partners, which are necessary for the strategy. The group to cooperate with all parties to set up the alliance, expertise, to the total win situation.
In 2015, Minhua will to promote investor education, to explain the profound things in a simple way of professional knowledge, for domestic friends and partners together to meet the three cows, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen stock market era. Please note that the information content of minhua.
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