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About MW
Chinese always said ‘There are several changes in Ten year’.To face the challenges in further 10 years, MW has acquired a professional entity recently in Hong Kong and established a PRC Company, MW Corporate Consultancy Limited in Shenzhen since June, 2015. MW have set up our professionals business in Hong Kong, which in line with our long term establishment in PRC China. To cope with the long term open business development advocated by the PRC Chinese government, MW have our mission:
1. Help PRC Enterprises invest outside PRC China;
2. Help Foreign Enterprises investment in PRC China; and
3. Help local Hong Kong Enterprises invest globally.
Hong Kong, as the sophisticated and international city, always acts as the important role to bridge betMWen both PRC China and the World. MW takes this golden chance to establish our professions to provide the comprehensive services on the accounting, taxation, risk and assurance, personnel areas to our partners with the reasonable cost.
Our teams are comprised of experienced and motivated professionals. MW only have one goal to help our clients be successful in their business. 
In Year 2015, MW also provide training courses in PRC and Hong Kong on the several areas of investor learning, accounting standards update and Companies Ordinance so as to maintain our professional standards.
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